Immigration Backlash Over “Machete” in 5…4…3…2…

Danny Trejo in "Machete"I’m just waiting for the right blogosphere, the op-ed pages, and the folks at Fox News to  get riled over Robert Rodriguez’ surprisingly fiery take on illegal immigration (shorter Rodriguez: powerful business and political interests are cynically exploiting the issue for their own gain, though racism is also a factor) in his otherwise cartoonishly over-the-top (but cathartically enjoyable) Mexploitation film Machete.

Okay, well, maybe not Fox News, since News Corp. has a vested interest in this movie’s success, as it did with Avatar,  another movie that presented an easy political target but which Fox News largely avoided out of apparent deference to its parent company. Similarly, you wouldn’t expect Fox to distribute a movie this politically radical, unless you figure the company doesn’t fear that the film will have any real impact on the issues it addresses.

At any rate, I’ve written an in-depth analysis of Machete, the political firestorm it seems eager to spark, the actual likelihood of such a firestorm igniting, and the potential chilling effect on free speech for filmmakers in Texas (whose film commission is currently mulling whether or not to deny Rodriguez state incentives because Machete paints an occasionally unflattering portrait of the Lone Star state). It’s live now at Moviefone.



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2 responses to “Immigration Backlash Over “Machete” in 5…4…3…2…

  1. Harold N

    Rupert Murdoch would distribute anything as long
    as it made him money. Have you ever seen Family Guy? Glee? Anything on FX? For the news demo, he sells right-wing politics and culture war. For everyone else, he sells the same crap as all the other big media companies.

    • Reginald Smith

      You’re absolutely right!!! I’m waiting for the backlash too. 17 minutes into the movie (and I’ve just watched it…) and I’m was thinking to myself that when it hits…the craps gonna hit the fan! I think Arizona theaters are gonna be hit hard when it officially hits the big screen. Good movies overall though.

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