Obama Is President, At Last

Photo by Jay Tamboli at Flickr, licensed via Creative Commons

Photo by Jay Tamboli at Flickr, licensed via Creative Commons

What was the most moving moment of Tuesday’s inauguration? Aretha Franklin’s song? (Or her hat?) The new president’s speech? The Rev. Joseph Lowery’s rhyming benediction? The helicopter departure of the Bushes? Dick Cheney crumpled up in his wheelchair, looking like Dr. Strangelove or some defeated James Bond villain? No, for me, it was watching the first couple dance as Beyoncé sang “At Last” at the Neighborhood Ball. (See the video here.) Even Sasha Fierce herself was crying, and not just because she knows she can’t really do justice to the Etta James classic. It would have been hard for anyone watching not to shed a tear at the handsome couple and their romantic clinch, not to mention the omnipresent awareness of how far they (and others before them) had to travel to reach this moment. My overwhelming feeling all day was one of relief, and not just relief that this day ended in a slow dance and not a tableau from a Robert Altman or John Frankenheimer movie. The grown-ups are in charge, at last.


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  1. That was a lovely moment. No matter what ones party affiliation, you gotta be inspired. My favorite moment was when little Sasha gave her dad a gloved thumbs up after his speech.

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